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deviceWISE M2M Application Platform Information Site

Welcome to the deviceWISE M2M Application Platform information site. This information site gives you access to all the product document and support resources you need when developing your M2M solution. The information includes product concepts, reference, and instructional step by step documentation. To find the content you need, expand and then browse the contents of the left hand navigation pane, or use the Search box at the top left of any page.

Getting started links

  • The deviceWISE M2M Application Platform Introduction provides an overview of the deviceWISE M2M Application Platform's design and architecture, and introduces the primary components. Examples of common M2M business requirements are described, along with the application design patterns that are used to solve those business requirements.
  • The Glossary provides a reference to the terms associated with the deviceWISE M2M Application Platform.
  • The Getting Started for Developers Guide provides an introduction to several of the components and features you can use when developing and managing your M2M solution.
    This instructional step by step guide provides an overview of several deviceWISE M2M Application Platform features and will walk you through several tasks to help you get familiar with the platform and its capabilities.
  • The Quick start guides provide an introduction to deviceWISE transports, transport maps, and triggers and then teach by using step by step examples.
    These short guides complement the information found in the other Gateway Developer's Guide and Reference sections.

Developer's information

  • The Gateway Developer's Guide and Reference provides product concepts, methodology, and reference documentation that will help you develop your M2M solution.
    All of the features of a deviceWISE Gateway are covered, including: triggers, devices, assets, local databases, connections to enterprise applications, gateway administration, connection to the M2M Service, the deviceWISE Workbench and more.
  • The M2M Service API Guide and Reference provides concepts, methodology, and reference documentation that will help you develop an application that uses the HTTP based APIs.
    An application can use these APIs to access and manage deviceWISE M2M Application Platform organizations, gateways, assets, remote triggers, and user operations (custom commands).

Remote platform management

  • The Asset Gateway Web Interface User's Guide provides the information on how to use the web browser based Asset Gateway: Web Interface to perform initial Asset Gateway configuration for its network, CloudLINK, and cellular settings.
  • The Management Portal User's and Administrator's Guide provides the information on how to use the M2M Management Portal to manage connected gateways and assets, generate reports, execute user operations (custom commands), and use named tunnels.

System administration and problem solving

  • The Management Portal User's and Administrator's Guide provides the information for an administrator to manage the Management Portal, including: creating and managing the organization, adding and managing users, and configuring the CloudSMS feature.
  • The System administration section provides the information for configuring and managing a gateway using the deviceWISE Workbench.
  • The Technical Support section provides the information to contact ILS Technology support personnel, if you cannot find an answer to a problem.

Exporting content to a PDF file

Pages from this information site can be exported to a PDF file.

To export a single page, the Tools menu on the right hand side has an Export to PDF option.

To export multiple pages or sections, hover over the Browse menu item and select the Advanced option.

  • On this Advanced page, under the Export section, select PDF Export.
  • A tree structure of the pages is displayed, allow the selection or deselection of specific sections or pages.
  • After selecting the desired sections or pages, select the Export button to generate the PDF.
  • Warning: selecting all of the pages will result in a large PDF with a large number of pages.


(C) Copyright ILS Technology LLC 2013. All rights reserved.

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