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The Asset Gateway is software that communicates with your company's assets, processes any data, and sends the processed data either to the M2M Service or to one of your enterprise applications via an Enterprise Gateway.

This Asset Gateway Web Interface User's Guide is intended for the person who installs the Asset Gateway and performs initial configuration tasks.
The specific installation and configuration tasks will depend on the specific Asset Gateway product and the customization your organization has developed for your M2M solution.

The Asset Gateway software installation procedures, including the default IP address for each type of gateway can be found in Installing an Asset Gateway.

For application developers, information on the full capabilities of the platform for developing and managing an M2M solution can be found in the Gateway Developer's Guide and Reference.

For Management Portal users and administrators, information on using the Management Portal to manage connected gateways and assets, generate reports, execute user operations (custom commands), use named tunnels, customize the organization, add and manage users, and configure M2M Service features can be found in the Management Portal User and Administrator Guide.

Asset Gateway: Web Interface

The Asset Gateway: Web Interface is a specially designed web program that runs on many Asset Gateways. You can think of this tool like the configuration web program that is available on your home router. It is designed to be easy to use and to allow the person who installs the Asset Gateway to configure the network settings and the connections to the downstream assets.

Following is a list of the most common tasks that you can perform using the Asset Gateway: Web Interface:

  • Configure the network settings (both LAN and cellular)
  • Configure the connection of the Asset Gateway to the M2M Service
  • View basic event logs
  • Configure the connections to downstream assets.

Accessing the Asset Gateway using the Web Interface

The Asset Gateway: Web Interface can be accessed by using a web browser on any computer that can access the Asset Gateway using an Ethernet connection, by entering the IP address of the gateway into the address bar of your web browser.

For example:


  • is the IP address of the gateway.
    The IP adress of your gateway may be the hardware's default IP address, or it may gave been configured with an IP address specific for your environment.
  • :8080 specifies the port to use and must be entered.

The Asset Gateway: Web Interface Log on page will be displayed:

The User ID and Password are case sensitive.
The default UserID is admin and the default Password is admin. Your organization may have defined an alternative UserID and Password to use for your Asset Gateways.

Asset Gateway: Web Interface

The example images included here may be different from your Asset Gateway: Web Interface screens, depending on the specific Asset Gateway product, the customization your organization is using, and the web browser you are using. Some features may also be different or not available depending on the capabilities of your Asset Gateway.

Some Asset Gateways do not include the Asset Gateway: Web Interface and are accessed for configuration and management tasks using the tools provided by the gateway hardware manufacturer.

Gateway HTTP Server

The Asset Gateway: Web Interface uses the deviceWISE HTTP Server feature on the target gateway, which is Started (enabled) in the default gateway configuration.

If the gateway's HTTP Server is not Started, your web browser will display an error such as: "Unable to connect", "This site can’t be reached", "refused to connect", or similar.
For more information, see: HTTP Server.

Asset Gateway: Web Interface window

Once logged on, the Asset Gateway: Web Interface window displays current status information and provides features to perform Asset Gateway configuration and management tasks.

Features of the Asset Gateway: Web Interface

The features of the Asset gateway that are available through the Asset Gateway: Web Interface include:

  • Secure log on
    In order to use features of the Asset Gateway: Web Interface, a user must log on to the Asset Gateway.
  • Gateway configuration and management
    Includes monitoring, reviewing and changing the settings of the Asset Gateway (node, network, CloudLINK, and cellular).
  • Asset configuration and management
    Includes configuring the list of assets connected to the Asset Gateway, enabling and disabling remote access to assets, and monitoring the status of assets.
  • Troubleshooting
    Includes options for verifying the network and cellular connections, and access to the Exception and Audit logs of the Asset Gateway.


This guide contains the following:

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