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The deviceWISE IoT Platform products support devices: sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), intelligent controllers and other intelligent devices in a device driver. A device driver is installed on an Asset Gateway or Enterprise Gateway, depending on your company's device, network, and business requirements. The device driver documentation is located in the Developer's Guide and Reference section, Device types. The information in this Device driver list section provides a quick overview of the device drivers and device models.

Release Status of Drivers

Drivers are categorized as Generally Available, Pilot Ready, and Prototype. This status reflects the maturity and level of testing that has been completed on the driver. Below are definitions of the three categories:

Generally Available

 To qualify as a Generally Available driver, the driver must be extensively tested and then continually tested throughout the product lifecycle. Testing includes multiple models, firmware levels, and interfaces where applicable. For product support, any problems found using one of the drivers listed as Generally Available are considered to be fully covered under the support program.

Pilot ReadyMany drivers have been created on behalf of our customers, and those drivers can benefit you as well. For product support, drivers listed under Pilot Ready are not covered by the standard support agreement.  Fixes or improvements to these drivers are available through an independent support agreement or based upon works-for-hire contracts.

This covers code with minimal or incomplete features created as a Prototype or proof-of Concept for demonstration purposes.  Minimal testing is associated with this code.  A customer and their Telit advocate have worked with development and Product Management and determined that we should publish this to all customers on the Telit IoT Portal rather than distribute it from a Telit internal directory. For product support, products listed as Prototype are not covered by the standard support agreement.


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