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The task of device definition fits into the overall process as follows:

  1. Installing your hardware.
    The detailed installation of your GE Fanuc hardware is beyond the scope of this documentation. Refer to your GE Fanuc hardware documentation.

  2. Configuring your hardware using the device specific programming and maintenance tools.
    The vendor or manufacturer of your GE Fanuc device should have provided a software tool to aid in the configuration of the device. The entire capability and usage of any hardware specific programming and maintenance tools is beyond the scope of this documentation.

  3. Installing the software and Workbench.
    Refer to the appropriate Installing product software section for installation information.

  4. Ensure the node has the GE Fanuc driver package installed.
    1. For information on how to add the GE Fanuc driver package, refer to System Administration > Packages.
    2. For information on how to install a license, refer to System Administration > Licenses

  5. Using the Workbench to define devices.
    These tasks are described in the following sections. 

There might be differences between your Workbench windows and the example windows shown; however, the functional capabilities and logic flow will be similar.

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