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You must choose an Asset Gateway to use when following the steps in this guide, starting with Part 2. The choice of which Asset Gateway to use should be based on your intended use of the products in the future. If you do not have access to one of the Asset Gateway hardware options, then use of an Asset Gateway software option or use of an Enterprise Gateway (for example on the same laptop that you will also install the Workbench) is a viable alternative.

Hardware options

Software options

Other options

  • B+B SmartWorx Spectre V3
  • CalAmp CDM-5030
  • CalAmp LMU 5000
  • Cisco 829
  • Cisco IE 4000
  • Cypress CTM-200
  • Dell Edge
  • GateTel EZMoto
  • MultiTech OCG,
  • MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit
  • MultiTech MultiConnect rCell
  • NetComm Wireless Gateway
  • Option CloudGate
  • Red Lion Series 6000, 9000  (Pilot Ready)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Prototype)
  • Siemens IoT 2000
  • Systech SL-500
  • USRobotics 3510
  • Vantron VT-M2M-LV
  • xmodus XM1710E (Pilot Ready)
  • Windows
  • Linux

Use an Enterprise Gateway for the Asset Gateway tasks.


Content in this guide will refer generically to the Asset Gateway. If you choose to use an Enterprise Gateway as your Asset Gateway, then assume that references specifying that you take an action on the Asset Gateway refer to the action you should take instead on the Enterprise Gateway.


What's Inside

This guide contains the following:

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