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The steps for getting started with the deviceWISE IoT Platform vary depending on your situation. Each of the guides is grouped into parts. Each part will walk you through the use of the major components of the deviceWISE IoT Platform addressed in that guide. You should follow the parts in an individual guide in the order listed, as each completed task in earlier parts will be used in later parts of the guide. By the end of the getting started guide, you will be able to configure and connect various devices and applications to the deviceWISE M2M Service and you will be on your way to learning the deviceWISE IoT Platform.


Getting Started with Gateways

 The getting started with Gateways helps you to quickly build applications using a deviceWISE Asset Gateway and deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway. It introduces you to the click-to-configure agent with connectors for communicating with sensor and control systems

Developer Kits

Getting Started with Developer Kits for Microcontrollers

The getting started with developer kits and modules helps you to assemble, configure, and load the developer device and build applications. It introduces you to connect popular developer devices from the IoT developer and maker communities

Telit IoT Modules

Getting Started with Telit Modules

The getting started with Telit modules helps you to quickly build applications using a deviceWISE enabled Telit 910 module. It introduces to communicate from a Telit 910 module.

IoT Portal

Getting Started with IoT Portal

The getting started with IoT Portal helps you to quickly understand the building blocks of the IoT Portal. It introducts you to the core components of the IoT Portal which includes the Management Portal.










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