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The Management Portal is a web-based application to view and manage all of your things that are connected to the deviceWISE M2M Service. In addition, it lets you manage users, update firmware, and all of the other batch type processing you want to perform on your field of devices. This Management Portal User's and Administrator's Guide is intended for:

  • The user of the Management Portal to perform M2M solution monitoring and management tasks.
  • The organization's administrator to perform M2M Solution monitoring, management, and administration tasks.

When you log on to the Management Portal, you have access to the information and features of the M2M Service.

Management Portal look and feel

Your organization's customization, or "look and feel", dictates the display of the Management Portal's pages for your organization.
Your account's permissions, based on the account's role and the permissions of the role, dictates which features you are allowed to access.
The descriptions of the Management Portal in these sections are based on the default organization look and feel and the Administrator role. Your look and feel and access may vary.

Related documentation sections

What's Inside

This guide contains the following:

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