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The Telit Rapid IoT Development Kit is a fast Box-to-Cloud solution kit. This scalable, cloud-ready and cellular-connected kit makes it quick and easy to develop standalone prototypes or with popular open hardware platforms. Designed with the goal of making IoT hardware prototyping as fast as possible, this kit reduces the length of IoT Prototyping cycles from a matter weeks or months to mere hours --all by capitalizing on the combination of embedded IoT software and hardware only a truly end-to-end IoT enabler like Telit can provide.

The kit includes a Telit IoT Connectivity SIM Card, giving users access to both Telit’s custom IoT data plans and their Connected Device Platform to consolidate connection visibility and control over globally connected devices. The Rapid IoT Development board operates in two modes: standalone or interface. As a standalone device, it operates solely with the unique on-board processing power of the Telit xE910 module running a Python or C environment. In interface mode, the on-board headers enable quick plug and play stacked integration with the most popular open hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi, TI LaunchPad, and Arduino.  


Standalone Mode

The EVK4 can be operated with Telit's IoT AppZone, which uses the processing power of the module to run your code.

IoT AppZone is the ADE (Application Development Environment) that simplifies the design of your products while allowing you to manage the full lifecycle of your applications and software components.  In a typical IoT device integration project, developers usually employ a microcontroller to manage the module and other device peripherals. The Telit IoT AppZone provides a cost and complexity saving alternative by consolidating hardware components and embedding the application software right in the module.  IoT AppZone is comprised of an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse.  The IDE includes specific Telit developed plugins delivering high-level functionality such as enhanced project creation wizard, AT command console, file system management, application deployment and configuration, debug tools and interface to software version control systems.  

AppZone C

The Telit Evaluation Kit (EVK4) provides an AppZone-compatible environment to streamline application development based on Telit family modules. The kit includes a motherboard and an adapter board where the target module is connected. This section will provide the step-by-step details on how to use the Telit AppZone environment to publish various data items onto the Cloud-based deviceWISE IoT Platform.


Select to download: Rapid IoT - AppZone


Interface Mode

Telit EVK4 with Raspberry Pi

deviceWISE Asset Gateway

The Raspberry Pi Asset Gateway Development Kit is designed to showcase the power of the Telit Module and the Telit deviceWISE Asset Gateway Agent.

Note: This Development Kit is only compatible with the Raspberry Pi and EVK4.

Select to download: Rapid IoT - Raspberry Pi Asset

Telit EVK4 with Ti LaunchPad

Ti LaunchPad MSP430F5529

The Ti LaunchPad MSP430 Development Kit is designed to showcase the power of the Telit Module and the Telit deviceWISE Open APIs.

Note: This Development Kit is only compatible with the Ti LaunchPad MSP430 and EVK4.

Select to download: Rapid IoT - LaunchPad


Telit EVK4 with Arduino

Arduino Due

The Arduino Due Development Kit is designed to showcase the power of the Telit Module and the Telit deviceWISE Open APIs.

Download the Development Kit Zip file, unzip/uncompress the zip file, open the PDF file inside the development kit, and follow the instructions.

Development Kit: Rapid IoT - Arduino



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