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The initial steps for creating a thing is to create a thing definition and an Application tokenthing is an instance of the thing definition. An Application token is required to connect the thing to the Management Portal. In the Management Portal, a thing is created after creating the thing definition. Below are the five different ways a thing may be created.

The thing definition is analogous to a class in object oriented programming. A class is a template for defining objects. It specifies the names and types of variables that exists in an object, as well as "methods"--procedures for operating on those variables. Similarly in the Management Portal a thing definition contains the attributes, functions and properties that exists in a thing.

An Application token is not required when a thing is created for a connection.

Auto Registration

When a Module/Asset Gateway/Device Gateway connects to the Management Portal with a valid Application token a thing gets auto created and is connected to the Management Portal. The Application Token is generated in the Portal and while generating the application token you need to select the Thing definition and thing is linked to the Org that is used to create the Application token.

For more information on auto registration a thing in the Portal, see Auto Registering a thing.

New thing button

A thing defined by clicking the New thing button and selecting a thing definition with other parameters including the thing identifier, Billing plan code, VAS package code, and Tunnel hosts gets connected to the portal with a valid Application token and an identifier (ICCID, ESN, IMEI, MEID or IMSI). For more information on creating a thing, see Creating Generic thing, or Creating LWM2M thing

Using thing.create API

A thing is created when a thing.create API call is made to the Management Portal with all the required parameters. The thing connects to the portal with a valid Application token and the identifier (ICCID, ESN, IMEI, MEID or IMSI).For more information on creating a thing using thing.create, see thing.create.

Auto Creation from a Connection

While defining a new CDP, if the check box Auto create things for connections is checked then it creates a thing each time a new connection is created with that CDP. For more information on creating a CDP, see Adding a CDP.

Creating a thing from a Connection

A connection is saved as a thing in the Connection View. Open a connection and from the actions menu you click create thing to create a thing that will bring all the features of a thing. For more information on Creating a thing from a connection, see Creating a thing from Connections.


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