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  • The deviceWISE Asset Gateway
  • The deviceWISE IoT Portal
  • The deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway.

The deviceWISE IoT Platform provides many different options for connectivity from the edge and from the enterprise. The following diagram shows the components of the deviceWISE IoT Platform.


The deviceWISE IoT Portal is a hosted service that handles all security, messaging, device management, and administration for your application solution. You configure and monitor the IoT Portal using the web-based Management Portal. Here are the key features of the IoT Portal:

deviceWISE Asset Gateway

The deviceWISE Asset Gateway is the software that communicates with your company's assets, processes any data, and sends the processed data either to the IoT Portal or to one of your enterprise applications through a deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway. Installing an Enterprise GatewayThe Asset Gateway is configured using the deviceWISE Workbench which lets you configure it with an innovative logic engine that enables rapid development of applications, eliminating time-consuming custom application development and testing that accompanies many custom applications.


deviceWISE HTTP and MQTT Interface

If you don't want to (or can't) use the Asset Gateway or In-Module API, the The IoT Portal provides several interfaces to enable robust communication from a variety of programming languages. If you want to use a pre-packaged library, full source clients are available in C and JAVA. If you want to create your own client, the IoT Portal Interface documentation describes the request and reply message formats. The IoT Portal supports communication via through CoAP, HTTP and MQTT. For more information on IoT Portal Interface, see IoT Portal API Reference Guide

deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway