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titleLook and feel

Your organization's customization or "look and feel" changes the display of the Management Portal. Your account's permissions, based on the account's role and the permissions of the role, dictates which features you are allowed to access. The descriptions of the Management Portal in these sections are based on a demonstration organization look and feel and the Administrator role.


1A set of links to the most commonly used Management Portal's dashboards. It includes Dashboards, Things, Connections, Developer, and Help.
2The current organization you are logged in to. Click on the current organization to choose a different organization, if you are in multiple organizations.

The cog menu enables you to Logout of Management Portal, access your profile, change Password, set timezone, Switch organization and Administration functionalities.

4Search in the Management Portal allows you to do a full-text search. Enter the text and press enter to find all the things or connections that contains the entered text.
5The Connected things pie chart displays a glimpse of the number of things that are currently connected.
6Connected health pie chart displays a glimpse of the current status of your connections.
7API usage bar graph shows the API usage for the last 30 days. Hover over each bar to get a breakdown of your API usage for that particular day.

Recently viewed dashboards display the recently viewed dashboard. Click on the corresponding display iconof a dashboard you want to navigate to.

9Recently viewed things display the recently viewed things. Click on the corresponding view icon of a thing you want to display.
10Recently viewed connections display the recently viewed connections. Click on the corresponding view icon of a connection you want to display.
11Event log displays recent event log entries. Event log entries for things will have a view icon that, when clicked, displays the thing's overview page.