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The Logs & Reports feature provides access to the system audit and exception log files, transaction mapping log files, and trigger report file that are maintained on a node.

When you select the Logs & Reports icon from the Workbench left hand pane, the Logs & Reports window appears in the right hand pane with individual tabs for each type of log file. All the log and report files are stored on the node.The Workbench provides filters when viewing the data to limit which log messages are displayed.

Types of logs

The Overview tab provides a table with columns that indicate the name, type, and for transaction mapping logs the size of the log.

The Audit Log and Exceptions Log receive messages from the system components when events occur.

The Reports Log receives trigger reports when the reporting option is configured for a trigger.

The Transaction Server Mapping Logs option is configured in the transports and listeners definitions and only applies to an Enterprise Gateway.

What's Inside

This section contains the following:


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